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Right from Scratch!

Apps and Platforms built and supported by us


WebPress is a CMS we built to be able to provide an easy to use, yet powerful tool to our clients. We’ve built small (5 pages) to really large (1500+ pages) websites using Webpress. The CMS manages not only page content but also databases, contacts, event management and newsletters.


SyncMail is our mail sending engine. It arranges and optimizes each newsletter sending plan. It also tracks bonces, clicks and unsubscriptions allowing our clients to get stats from each mail they send. Syncmail currently sends and tracks 250k mails per day.


We’ve worked with so many HR companies that we almost feel like one. We’ve got to know their business in detail and we’ve came up with a system that allows us to quickly deploy a customized job search and candidate management tool.


Netlazos is a set of tools for schools and universities communities. It allows the institution to keep in contact with their graduates by providing services to them that will keep them coming back. Tools include job searches, networking, forums, marketplace, event organization and picture sharing.