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Software Development

Code, design and information architecture

At Syncromind we seek the spontaneous smile from our clients each time they use our products and services. We assign special attention to interpreting their requirements and we satisfy them offering a complete solution, which almost always includes technology support.

Additionally to offering high quality custom software development, we get involved in each client’s business so as to offer the right business solution integrated to the technology one. We believe that this understanding is essential to maximize people’s and companies’ performance.

We can build anything from consumer mobile applications to business specific software engines. In our years in business we’ve developed online sales and subscription applications, online survey systems, community web applications, corporate intranets, production tracking and execution software, HR software, integrations among several different applications, warehouse management applications and lots of mobile (native and cross-platform iOS, Android and Windows Phone) apps.

Top of the line software

All the software code that we develop must take advantage from the benefits of the latest available technologies and, in addition, high levels of performance, scalability and reusability must be foreseen.

Complete requirement analysis

The client’s requirements must be analyzed completely in each project in order to comply with the high quality service we offer, and deliver it in the agreed terms.

Global understanding of the client’s business

Given the nature of the relationships that we want to build with our clients, we dedicate special time to observe and learn about the industry in which they perform. In this way, we get to know how to combine the technology tools and the business we a global perspective.

Client service focus

In addition to consider our Clients allies in our business, we dedicate ourselves to make them happy. We assign special attention to each client in each interaction.


We always try to use the technology that best fits the project.
That's why our team members knows all these common practices and their techniques.