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IT Support

While providing software solutions to small and medium companies, we realized that many times we didn’t have a counterpart to talk to when the rollout time came. As a result of having to take care of those things, plus the support it needed after, we created our IT support division. From here we act as the IT manager for many clients, managing servers, workstations, networking components and VoIP systems.

Our IT team has a huge track record of implementations for Linux, Windows Server and mixed environments. We serve companies from 5 to 150 employees, with centralized monitoring from our offices. We keep our clients up to date with new software versions, security patches and the latest technologies. We usually use virtualization strategies and are so obsessed with the backup strategies and the importance of having a secure backup that we developed our own backup software.

Among each custom deployment we delivered, we did multi-site deployments with VPN connections, cross-site backups solutions and redundant ISP implementations.


We always try to use the technology that best fits the project.
That's why our team members knows all these common practices and their techniques.