A software company
that converts challenges into
great results

Work and Culture

Syncromind is a Latin American software development company based in Buenos Aires that converts challenges into great results with cutting edge technology.

Professional Growth

We love to learn and to face challenges that require us to do things in new ways and using the latest available technologies. Each team member gets involved in several projects, learning on different businesses and technologies. Everybody’s ideas are welcome and taken into consideration when starting a new project as we all grow thru the permanent brainstorming at our office.

Our Private Library

We have a varied collection of books and magazines of all kinds: business, usability, programming, design. You can grab a book and take it home to read. If you like, you can share what you read with the rest.

Flexible hours

We know there’s life beyond work. We love what we do and need to have a commited team, but we encourage everyone to have a balanced life.

Monday Croissants

The team that loses the football game on Tuesdays must bring croissants to share with the rest.

Tuesday Night Soccer

Every Tuesday we play football. We even have our own shirts! Players rotate every match. It's a great activity to get to know each other and build good relationships between colleagues.

Friday Empanadas & Beer

Friday is a working day more, but we advance the weekend a few hours. So at lunch we invite our emmployees to have some pizza and empanadas and at 5:30pm 4:30pm we grab some beers to celebrate that the week is ending.